Hello and welcome to Stylopeak where we print what YOU want! Here we believe in creativity and turning ideas into profits. We offer a sophisticated process to sell your ideas and creativity in a meaningful way. We encourage our users to be engaged and involved in every aspect of Stylopeak.

In order to make your experience with us better, we have set up some rules and regulations that are viewed as terms and conditions. In order to use our services, the following terms and conditions have to be respected and upheld.

Any unlawful or unauthorized activity will be deemed a violation of our terms and conditions. By using our services, you (seller/customer/affiliates/any third party) will be bound by our terms and conditions as long as the services are running.

We encourage our users to respect our intellectual property rights, trademark, copyright, user agreement, etc. The following terms and conditions will govern your use of our services and website features. Therefore, please read them carefully.

External Links and Ads

Our site may contain external links to third party sites. Stylopeak will not be responsible for any sort of loss or harm that the user may face after visiting the third-party site. We are not responsible for any type of content that the third-party site may have.

Any links on the third-party site which may direct the user to any harm or loss is also not in our control. Therefore, the user will be solely responsible for clicking on a third-party site external link. The purpose of the link is to make convenience to the users to visit another site.

We will not deceive our users by redirecting them to another site instead of the mentioned site beside the link. The links may come in the form of a hyperlink in between the text or as a link somewhere in the site.

We are not anyway endorsed by any site neither do we endorse nor approve any site through the link. The sole existence of the link is for the convince of the users. We would also like to let you know that we may have various forms of advertisement on the site that may exist for the sake of promotional content.

We neither discourage nor encourage the users to click on the ad. However, we ensure that no form of obscenity or offensive ad will show up on our website.

Password & Security

In order to avail of our services, you have to become a registered member of our site and make your account official. You must set up a password-protected account and must not share the password with anyone else. You have to select a username and a strong password that will protect your account from any external harm.

You can browse freely through the website. That does not require you to create an account. However, in order to make an action like a comment on something or give a review or even open up your own store, you must become a registered member. Any inappropriate or offensive usernames will be denied instantly.

We respect your privacy and personal information. Therefore, we will ensure your account full security. Therefore, we are responsible to keep your information safe and secure.  We have a very dedicated and proficient team that maintains our server and keeps your information secured.

Stylopeak will not use or disclose any sort of information privately or publicly under any circumstances until and unless any eligible condition is met to disclose such information. However, the given password will be completely under your control. If under any circumstances your password is lost and unauthorized access is made, under no way Stylopeak will be held responsible.

To learn more, please read our privacy policy. We have explained in detail how we will protect and secure your account and personal information from any harm or loss. External precautions such as protecting passwords have to be maintained by the users themselves.

Service Restrictions

You consent to not utilize our services to make any material that is unlawful, compromising, tortious, injurious, hassling, slanderous, demeaning, offensive, scornful, or racially, ethnically or in any case questionable, or that infringes on any patent, license, trademark, prized formula, copyright or other outsider exclusive rights.

It will be a violation of the policy and laws

Your infringement of this or some other arrangements of these Terms may bring about the suspension or end of your GearLaunch account. You further make a deal to avoid replicating, copy, sell or exchange or in any case abuse any piece of the Service, utilization of the Website or Service, or access to the Website or Service without Stylopeak’s express composed authorization.

Lastly, you will conform to the law’s material to your utilization of the Service, including, without confinement, the laws in the ward where you live, the laws pertaining to your clients or end-clients, and the laws of the city and country – that is Bangladesh.

Security & Other Precautions

The responsibility of visiting the website through legal ways falls under the user’s responsibility. The user has to guarantee that the entrance to this site and the Stylopeak services aren’t illicit or disallowed by-laws that concern you.

You should play it safe to guarantee that the procedure that you utilize for getting to this site and the Stylopeak services doesn’t open you to the danger of infections, malevolent PC code, or different types of impedance which may harm own device framework.

We don’t acknowledge duty regarding any obstruction or harm to any device framework that emerges regarding your utilization of this site or any connected site. We don’t acknowledge risk for any misfortunes emerging straightforwardly or in any way from an inability to give the Stylopeak service

Any exploitation to or loss of information, mistakes or interferences, any discontinuance of the Stylopeak administration, or any transmissions by others in contradiction of the listed individuals’ commitments as set out in this understanding.

You recognize that we will be unable to affirm the personality of other enlisted individuals or forestall them acting under affectations or in a way that encroaches the privileges of any individual.

Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights

Except if in any case demonstrated or anything contained despite what might be expected or any restrictive material possessed by an outsider thus explicitly referenced, Stylopeak claims all Intellectual Property Rights to and into the Website, including, without confinement, any rights, title and interest for and to –

  • Copyright
  • Licenses
  • Utility models
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Any design within the site
  • Goodwill
  • Creations (regardless of whether patentable or not)
  • Source code
  • Meta Labels
  • Database
  • Any text within the site
  • Any content within the site
  • Any graphics/icons/animation
  • Hyperlinks, etc.

You recognize and concur that you will not utilize, replicate, or convey any substance from the Website having a place with Stylopeak without getting approval from Stylopeak. Despite the prior, it is explicitly explained that you will hold proprietorship and will exclusively be answerable for any substance that you give or transfer when utilizing any Service.

That includes any content, information, data, pictures, photos, music, sound, video, or some other material that you may transfer, transmit, or store when utilizing our different Service. Nevertheless, concerning the item customization Service (as against different Services like sites and gatherings).

You explicitly concur that by transferring and presenting content on the Website for open review and propagation/utilization of your substance by outsider clients, you acknowledge the User whereby you award a non-selective permit for the utilization of the equivalent.

Age Restriction

Our services are available only to those who are above 18 years old and are considered mature enough to work on our site. If you are below 18, we will not allow you to work on our site. Its age-restricted to below age 18. Only 18 and above users will be eligible to use our services.

Terms and Conditions for Sellers/Vendors

The following terms and conditions are exclusive and are only applicable to our sellers or vendors who will work on Stylopeak platform. These guidelines have been made in order to clarify Stylopeak’s approach to types of contents that can be uploaded on our website.

The terms and conditions will be governed by Stylopeak itself and the clauses below are fixed and are unchangeable until and unless Stylopeak updates or modify existing and additional clauses. Stylopeak encourages its sellers or vendors to keep the community user-friendly and to not commit any activity that breaches our code of conduct and violates our business policy.

Stylopeak has mostly placed restrictions on extreme and mature contents that are not considered user-friendly and are considered to be not suitable for viewing by part of the audience. Stylopeak encourages its sellers or vendors to comply with the terms and conditions and failure may result in account restrictions or closure of the store.

Stylopeak also discourages any form of the copyright of intellectual property and any form of contents that may cause a social or political disturbance. The following clauses clarify the types of contents that are discouraged or prohibited to upload or any fraudulent activities.

1. Nudity and Pornography

Any design that visualizes or showcases nudity in any form of content is strictly prohibited. This is to ensure that our website and community can stay user-friendly. Any image or any visual content that is considered obscene or immoral and can be brought under this clause will lead to a strict warning and repeated intention might lead to account restriction or closure of the store.

2. Obscene Language

Stylopeak encourages its sellers or vendors to not use words, phrases, voice, and tone that are considered to be malicious, hurtful, and obscene. Any form of adult language that doesn’t breach our code of conduct is acceptable in a broader context as long as it doesn’t fall under the categories mentioned above.

3. Violence and Hatred

Any content or design that promotes or normalizes violence and hatred is not allowed. This incorporates realistic portrayals of brutality, design, or behavior where the purpose of the designer is to provoke and incite violence. Any work or design that includes disastrous occasions, for example, wars or any historical even should be delicately dealt with. Works that can cause the audience distress or any kind of disturbance can lead to account restrictions or content deletion.

4. Racism

Any design or content that promotes or encourages racism isn’t allowed. We characterize racism as either the contempt or prejudice of another race, or segregation, or enmity coordinated against somebody of an alternate race dependent on the conviction that one’s race is unrivaled, or a conviction that all individuals are equal and any race cannot hold inferior to any other.

5. Copyright Issue

Stylopeak does not encourage copyright contents such as images, videos, or text. However, they are permitted to upload those contents but, in any case, if any entity (business or individual) claims copyright issue, Stylopeak will immediately shut down the campaign. The seller or vendor will not have any say in this as Stylopeak does not appreciate copyright contents. Once the copyright contents will be taken down, the seller or vendor will not be able to upload the same content again.

4. Violation of Business Policy

Any form of breach in code of conduct or any violation of the business policy will lead to shutting down the respective campaign with prior notice. The seller or vendor will receive strict warnings and reputation will cause their store to be disabled or taken down.

7. Fraudulent Activities

Any form of fraudulent activity is strictly prohibited by Stylopeak. You agree to not use our services to make any unlawful content, or that violates or infringes any patent, license, or any other relevant copyright issue. These actions will leave Stylopeak with no choice but to restrict the account or disable the store.