Welcome to Stylopeak where we print what you want! In this section we will discuss our privacy policy. Our platform believes in full transparency and simplicity. We respect your privacy and we want you to know that your information is safe and secured with us. Our team knows very well how critical information can be.

Therefore, we are responsible to keep your information safe and secured.  We have a very dedicated and proficient team who maintains our server and keeps your information secured. Stylopeak will not use or disclose any sort of information privately or publicly under any circumstances until and unless any eligible condition is met to disclose such information.

Our platform requires some personal and professional data and information for maintaining safety and authenticity. We highly urge any user to read our privacy policy before getting affiliated with our platform. In order to access our service, we need to collect data on the users who will be using our service. Therefore, you are requested to read our privacy policy carefully with attention.

What Data do we Collect?

By visiting our website and using our service, you will be accepting to our privacy policy rules and regulations. We shall only collect the necessary information as per the user voluntarily provides.

We shall only use those if and under certain eligible conditions. Any user can freely browse the website without the risk of exposing him/her information. The user will be counted as random and anonymous as per regular internet protocols.

The personal information will only be revealed to our server when a user voluntarily provides in order to access our services. Only relevant information will be stored in our servers. The information will be saved and secured in our server as long as its relevant to the user and the site mutually.

Here are some of the information that will be collected in our severs – user name, mail address, phone number, home address, staying city/town, zip code, financial information that may be used to sell or purchase something, etc.

The following non personal data can also save in our servers through the website’s cookies. In order to understand our user’s buying preference, the following information will be collected – the number of clicked links, the number of pages visited, the type of products saved in the cart, and the number of times you have visited our platform.

Some of this non-personal information will remain in our server even after the termination or deletion of account which will add up to the user experience database that will help us to provide better user experience for the people who visit our site.

How is the Information Collected?

The whole process of data collection and information gather is completely automated. The user information is counted as anonymous traffic information. However, identification information such as name address or financial information such as credit card numbers are provided by the users themselves voluntarily to access the services.

The identification information can be collected in multiple ways such as when someone creates their online store or when someone participates in a survey or a contest or even when a user is making a transaction.

Can we Share Information to Third-party?

We absolutely cannot and will not share your personal information without your consent. We respect the privacy and the personal information of our users. Therefore, we will not sell or disclose any kind of personal information to any third party. However, under certain conditions we will be eligible to share your information as per stated below –

  • We need your consent
  • If any violation of rules takes place
  • If any unlawful or illegal activities takes place
  • If we get any legal notice such as court orders or legal investigation
Updates on Policy

We have the rights to change/update/modify our policies anytime. However, we will notify prior to that in the website. We will provide sufficient enough of time to our users in order to go through the whole changes and updates. We will under no circumstances change our policy that seems unethical or wrong.